August 21, 2014


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July 16, 2014

Check out this kids Ninja skils!  Talk about #satisfyingtheCRAVVVVVEEE  #whitecastle #whitecastlekids #MyCrave kids kidsneedscience comedynerdsunited #share #share #share #share

June 4, 2014


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June 3, 2014


June 2, 2014


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May 20, 2014
D.I.H comeback?  Im hearing grumblings!!

D.I.H comeback? Im hearing grumblings!!

May 14, 2014

May 8, 2014


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May 3, 2014
You can’t live your life staring out from behind a dirty ‘ole window pane.

Everyday is a gift. Every moment is an opportunity. Life’s continuing bussle makes the realization of these fact’s sometimes hard to see, We look out ‘ole dirt  filled window pane’s asking why things are so unclear, Continually attempting to wipe the dirt away,  yet,  just smearing it’s transparency further.

So, how do we clean the glass? What is the key to finally seeing things clearly? It is simple really….The answer lies within ourselves. As cheesy as that may sound, It is the only real truth any of us will ever know.  We are all the master of our own destiny, Captain of our own ship, Pirate on the seven seas and moral compass to the uncharted world we set out to conquer daily.  It is within the truth of our souls that we can find that key, The one that unlocks the door to our morality and happiness.  It is found in the one place many of us fear most….Honesty.  One cannot find the truth of life unless they hold the truth of self.  Simple, eloquent, yet, in the same breath,  so hard for many of us to grasp, Let alone actually put into play day to day!

So, this bring’s on the question: “what we can do to change”?  As mentioned above, this is simply answered: Before we can set out on such character testing journeys in uncharted waters or to put into lamen’s terms:  ”Before we walk out our front door, ”  It is imperative to strengthen the weapons for which we arm ourselves for life.  If you enter battle unprepared, you will suffer mortally.  If you enter life unprotected, you will suffer unimaginably,  …and so goes the basic pattern of living in the 21st century. Our weapons are the things that keep us true to ourselves and the world.  They are the instruments for which we live and die upon,  and without them we are simply naked to the world, Babes in the woods,  An easy target for any would be raider.  So what are “our weapons”?  Our weapons are: our morals, our self truths…who and what we TRULY are…These are the things that will get us through our battles, Not money, Not power…Sure both are nice to have, but both are also not the the pillars strength, The backbone for which a soul can lean upon when our inner demons arise.

Our weapons ARE one’s only true defense….Our weapon’s are defined as: Inner strength, knowledge of self,  morality, truth……The only true armourment one has to deal with the cruel world.  They are the one and only thing that can shield us against undo aggressors.  Our weapons are the protection, guidelines if you will,  that get us through the day’s, week’s and year’s this world will continually test us with.  These are the weapons for which we forge our battle’s upon, and it is upon their strength and durability that our own self mortality and happiness are drawn. Our weapons guide us through the night, make the hard days better, and ratify that our good days are indeed imperfectly, perfect.

How do we know this? Where is the proof in any of this you may ask?  It is simple….You see, Knowledge is a weapon….and it is this knowledge that makes us who we truly are….It is the knowledge that when we look in the mirror, The reflection staring back at us has NOT betrayed the person we truly are, Not from a religious or political standpoint, but rather, A human standpoint…that matters so damn much.  The proof is in the fact….That we MUST be able to be proud of who and what we are..To find true happiness, That makes our weapons and the fact that we can never let OURSELVES down so vitally important, Ergo, this is why our armourment IS so vitally important….Because you see…We may not be the prettiest or the loudest…BUT…by being the best “US” we can be…We are able to live a full and happy life…which is really the point of life in the first place, isn’t it? 

When we as individuals can finally evolve to the point for which we can look at ourselves in the mirror and not be ashamed of the true reflection that is staring back at us.  This is an honest recipe for success. It may not be a business plan, It may not be a workout regime BUT….If we as individuals let ourselves down before we even walk out the door, We have abandoned ourselves and everything after the fact is doomed to

failure.  Without truth in our lives,  We simply live a lie, …and by the basic rules of Karmic exsistence, What goes around will come around..The Weapons for which we arm ourselves everyday IS the recipe to inner happiness and good life, To not only look in the mirror and respect but also LOVE the reflection staring back at you, This is how you begin to open the front door to your own truth and inner sanctum. Mental, Physical and Spiritual health are the keys to a happy and productive life. …but without truth..Truth of self and truth of soul, The window pane will just smear and you will never truly see the beauty that awaits you beyond what we do NOT allow ourselves to see….Free the shackles of your mind, Strengthen your weapons…..and walk out your front door to finally live free…instead of staring at life from behind a dirty ‘ole window pane.

January 11, 2014
When I get married my wife will have these nails and I will live that evil bitch.  Period.

When I get married my wife will have these nails and I will live that evil bitch. Period.

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